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This page is a little off from my other pages here. My youngest son and I went to the Dallas Monster Truck show. They also had some quad bikes. Quad wars was great. They also had two transformer cars that battled over the freedom of earth. Well of course the good guys won. Below you will find some of the pictures I took at the race. most of the pictures have my son in them. My son also got all the autographs of the truck drivers. Of course his father had a great time also.

Monster Truck Pictures

Bear Foot
This is a picture of my son in front of Bear Foot
Big Foot
This is a picture of my son by Big Foot
Quad Bikes
My son in front of some quad bikes
Bear Foot
Bear Foot driver and my son
Yellow cars
Yellow cars before the show
King Krunch & Blown Thunder
A race to the finish
Blown Thunder
Blown Thunder on 2 wheels
Blown Thunder and Big Foot
A race to the finish
King Krunch & my son
Picture of my son by King Krunch
Blown Thunder
Picture with my son next to Blown Thunder
King Krunch
On 2 wheels