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Type O Negative

Welcome to my Type O Negative Page. I moved it here and I am in the process of making this page the best one yet. Hope you enjoy your stay here at Rick's Rock & Roll Links Site. Be sure and tell all your friends about my Site.

If any of you are wondering about tour dates for Type O. I don't believe there will be any tours till the summer of 98. I can't wait till they come again. i saw them at OZ FEST97 and I thought they ruled. I'll post them as soon as I hear something. I know there is talk about their new albumn. I know that they have not even started on it yet, and it will be at least December of 98 before it comes out.

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Here are some of their albumn covers

Slow, Deep, & Hard

Bloody Kisses

Origin of the Feces

October Rust



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